Here you can find answers to questions you might have about the process

What’s the first step?

Contact us:
Phone: +1 250-382-3955
We’d be more than happy to speak with you, and set up a no-cost, no-obligation consultation at a time and place that is convenient for you (weekends and evenings available).

How long does it take from start to finish?

Generally, a medium size custom kitchen design takes about three months from project start to completion. As the design stage can take longer, I’d recommend this to be the minimum amount of time you allow between when you contact the kitchen designer, and when you want the new kitchen to be installed and functional. The kitchen or bath design stage can take two to four weeks, depending on size and complexity. It’s always best to allow as much time as possible. I’d recommend contacting the kitchen designer before final blueprint stage (for a new build), or before commencing on any work (for a renovation).

Not that we haven’t helped on projects that are further along, but it can possibly limit your available options, or cause unnecessary delays and expenses.

How much does a kitchen remodeling cost?

Every kitchen and bath remodeling project is different, and the costs can vary greatly depending on such factors as size, types of materials, and appliance/fixture choices. We provide estimates free of charge (often, on site) as part of our complimentary initial consultation. And yes, we are able to work within “real world” budgets.

Before we commence work on a renovation project we provide a quote, and a timeline. We’ll let you know ahead of time what variables might affect cost or timing, and communicate with you in clear, easy to understand terms if anything changes. That way, you know what to expect, and when to expect it.

Do you have a showroom?

Because there are an almost infinite variety of remodeling styles and options available, and because showroom space is expensive (both to lease, and to staff), we’ve chosen not to have a retail showroom.

Instead, we bring the the showroom to you. We bring our portfolio, provide samples, and draft a near photo realistic 3-D computer rendering of what your final kitchen or bath or home renovation project will look like.

Should you wish to see actual examples of our work, we can visit one of our displays in a local appliance showroom, or arrange an appointment to see an actual working kitchen at the home of one of our many happy clients. You can also take a look at our online portfolio.

What is NKBA?

NKBA stands for National Kitchen and Bath Association. It’s the governing and educational association for all professional kitchen and bath designers in North America. We are members.

Do we need a kitchen or bath designer?

Although many small projects can be handled with relative ease, such as a repaint or cabinet reface, and may not require the full services of a professional kitchen (or bath) designer, I’d still recommend seeking the services of a professional kitchen (or bath) designer for an hour or so. They can have a look at your plans and offer expert advice and specific recommendations. They also may catch something crucial that you may miss, or not even be aware of until it’s too late. Often, it can be the best money you’ve ever spent.

However, if you’re planning a complete kitchen or bath renovation or a new build, I’d highly recommend seeking the full services of a professional designer. With so many options available across all aspects of the design process, from layout, to appliance and fixture choices, to current styles and trends, it makes sense to have an expert to help guide you through the process. An NKBA member designer ensures a very high level of expertise.

What does a kitchen designer do?

The kitchen is the most technically complex room of the house. A kitchen designer is involved in all the planning and installation aspects of the kitchen. As kitchen designers, we meet with you to discuss and evaluate your needs and wants, create design plans, and develop budgets and timelines for completion of the project. We help you choose a color palette, lighting, appliances, window treatments, flooring, countertops, cabinetry, and all other elements. We present our recommendations and suggestions to you to get your approval before moving forward. We often work with contractors to get the job accomplished and ensure safety standards, as well, that local building codes and regulations are met. We ensure that your beautiful, well-built kitchen is completed on time, and on budget.

What sets you apart from other companies?

Creativity. We are very clever, and we make a point of staying up to date on current kitchen and bath styles, trends and technologies. Ultimately, a kitchen is both art and science. We’re very good at both.

Specialization. Kitchen and bath design and renovation is what we specialize in and we are professionals. Unlike a company that just builds cabinets and cabinetry, or a company that primarily does general interior design, we understand all the diverse elements of what makes a kitchen or bath truly outstanding. It’s our passion. It’s our focus.

Accountability. Being an integrated design/build company allows us to have control over the timing, quality, and (of course) costs of our work. When we give a quote, we stand behind it. If there’s a problem, we make it right. Quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

Who would you recommend to do our kitchen?

I’d recommend us. Surprised? Don’t be. It just so happens that, although we may be biased, we’re very good at what we do.